Source: Blake Griffin Injury: Updates on Clippers Star’s Quad, Hand and Return | Bleacher Report

Griffin Injured in ‘Team-Related Incident’

Monday, Jan. 25

Marc Stein and Ramona Shelburne of ESPN reported sources said “Griffin has suffered [a] suspected broken hand in [an] undisclosed team-related incident.”

Griffin left the Clippers, who are on a five-game road trip, after suffering a “hand injury that was unrelated to the quad injury,” according to Stein and Shelburne. The team is “still evaluating” the injury to determine the severity, per Stein and Shelburne. The Clippers have two games remaining on their trip before returning to Los Angeles.

There’s only two scenarios I can think of in which Blake Griffin could break his hand in a team related incident that wouldn’t be revealed. 1) Chris Paul was upset he lost a scrimmage and made some snarky remark to Blake for about the 3,672 time in a week so Blake punched him in the face so hard he broke his hand. Or 2) He was attempting to help DeAndre Jordan with his Free Throws and DeAndre just kept missing and smiling with that big goofy smile. Blake then realized that he would never win a championship with this team so he punched DeAndre square in the jaw and broke his hand.

He had to of punched someone in the face. Why else would they not disclose a team related injury? And he’s not going on the road trip! Obviously so everyone gets over their hurt feelings and can move on. That right is a seasoned vet move by Doc Rivers that can’t be overlooked.

I was gonna give a third scenario where he broke it dunking and they didn’t disclose it because why would he be dunking with a hurt quad? But I don’t think Blake is that dumb.



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