Everyone under the sun thinks that Johnny Manziel is going to be let go by the Browns. Hue Jackson, their new head coach, even said it was a good idea! So as always with Johnny Football there is a lot of speculation of what’s gonna happen to him. People are saying Dallas because Jerry Jones is crazy like that. But what if no one signs him? I think that if there is a football league out there that wants the slightest chance to compete with the NFL they have to throw as much money as possible at Johnny Football to get him to come. Now is their best chance to take over the NFL if there has ever been one (there hasn’t and this one still sucks). There is so much controversy over their morals and the concussions. If they can get Johnny Football, they automatically get media coverage. If he makes plays like in college, they get crazy highlight plays. Imagine if the let Johnny Football have real celebrations? Maybe he can even bring Josh Gordon with him. This is shaping up to be a fool proof plan led by to two reliable players. I should get compensated for this when it takes off.