Source: Revealed! The best country in the world

DAVOS, Switzerland — What’s the best country in the world? One report claims to have found the answer.

The winner, according to the inaugural Best Countries report released Wednesday at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, is Germany.

To reach this conclusion, the report examined approximately 60 nations, looking at factors that included sustainability, adventure, cultural influence, entrepreneurship and economic influence. More than 16,200 business leaders, highfliers and other members of the public were surveyed to gather the data….

Here are the rankings:

1. Germany

2. Canada

3. United Kingdom

4. United States

5. Sweden

6. Australia

7. Japan

8. France

9. Netherlands

10. Denmark

What a turn around for Germany am I right? Going from the most hated country to the best in under a century! WWII was forever ago and I guess people have forgotten they willingly killed million of Jews. Why am I not worried about the US being ranked 4? Especially if we’re behind Canada and the UK? Because last time I checked “best” is an opinion. If were looking for a real best why don’t we stick to FACTS like Kanye?

Although the United States came in fourth overall, it is the most powerful country, according to the report.

Oh look at that, it looks like we’re at the top of the list that matters. Per usual.