Source: Bills make NFL history by hiring first full-time female assistant coach – BN Blitz

The Buffalo Bills have made history by hiring the NFL’s first full-time female assistant coach.

The Bills announced Wednesday night that Kathryn Smith, who joined the club last year as an administrative assistant to coach Rex Ryan, is their new quality control coach-special teams.

The job was previously held by Michael Hamlin, who the Bills announced on Jan. 12 was not returning to the staff.

Smith also worked as the administrative assistant to Ryan in 2014, his final year as coach of the New York Jets. She began her NFL career in 2003 as a game-day/special-events intern with the Jets.

Just one step closer to getting on Hard Knocks. Not that I think this is a bad hire or that I hate women or anything but it’s starting to seem like that’s the goal of our offseason. Get onto the HBO show at all costs. The more I think about it, the more I think that may be the right call. Buffalo is a small market team and small market teams don’t get big name players. How do you get national attention as a small market team? You go on Hard Knocks with the Ryan Brothers, Ed Reed, the First female assistant coach in the NFL and the best/most loved fans in the game. Those types of combinations are a recipe for the best Hard Knocks yet. Hard Knocks gets the small market label off the team and boom we have big name players. And you know who we have to thank for all this? The Sports God of Buffalo himself, Terry Pegula. Hiring Rex Ryan brought the circus to town and apparently its the circus we need.