Source: Andre Drummond Sets NBA Record with 23 Missed Free Throws vs. Rockets | Bleacher Report

Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond set an NBA record Wednesday night by missing 23 free throws in his team’s 123-114 victory over the Houston Rockets at the Toyota Center, perSportsCenter.

Despite connecting on just 13 of 36 attempts at the charity stripe, the 22-year-old scored 17 points and grabbed 11 rebounds in the road victory that helped the Pistons improve to 23-19.

You’re 7 feet tall! You’re basically at the same height as the god damn rim when your release your shot. How do you ever, in a million years, miss 23 FTs in one game? Do you not even practice? You’re only job is to put a ball in hoop and you can’t even get the ones deemed as “free”. Big men not being able to shoot free throws clearly is beyond my understanding but it seems they all have that problem. The Pistons still  manage to somehow win this game even after that many misses and James Harden dropping 33-17-14 in their face, making this game a good model of Drummond’s career and Houston’s season.
Fouling him 5 straight times in the beginning the third quarter was an actual strategy in an actual NBA game against one of the best centers in the NBA right now. What?