Source: Curry, James, Kobe have NBA’s most popular jerseys « | All Ball Blog with Lang Whitaker

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During the recent holiday season, a bunch of people apparently got NBA jerseys as gifts — according to a release from the NBA, had its largest Black Friday (Nov. 27) and Cyber Monday (Nov. 30) in history, with combined sales up 20 percent from the previous year. But which jerseys were the most popular? Here’s a look at the top 15 most popular jerseys, based on sales from October 2015 through December 2015, which features a conspicuous debut from one rated rookie…

This list is exactly what is expected from a jersey sales list. But Porzingis hopping KD is not something I am a fan of. I love Godzingis as much as the next guy but KD not getting the sales he deserves is ludicrous. The only reason I won’t get too upset is because of the markets they play in. If I were to make a list of Top 5 jerseys that should be selling this year it would be

  1. Kobe #8 Jersey- Pre rape Kobe was the best Kobe even if he doesn’t have as many championships now, he was in his athletic prime. In his farewell tour he should be praised for his glory days.
  2. Steph Curry- In hopes to also play like a 99 on Rookie in 2k.
  3. KD- Finally healthy from his MVP season with the longest active streak in the NBA for 20 point games KD should be getting more appreciation for his playing and not his media comments/ upcoming free agency. Also since I’m all aboard the “There’s other teams besides the Warriors” train, Durant jerseys should top the list for those also on board because do you want a Spurs jersey?
  4. LeBron- He has to be in here after selling his life away to Nike. They won’t let him fall out ever.
  5. Porzingis- All I was saying was that he should be behind KD. I mean look at how goofy he is. How can you not love him? As long as he doesn’t beat KAT for ROY.

I’m more of a random jersey guy than a mainstream one so that lost was harder than it should have been.