SWISH is coming out in less than a month. GOOD Fridays are back from the dead. Kanye’s running for president in 2020. DO you know what that means? YEEZY SEASON IS ALMOST HERE. I think that means it’s time to talk about the songs so far.

Yeezy Season

Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman. The diss track at Nike is full of clever lines by Kanye bragging about how his shoes are the hottest things in the streets instead of Jordans. The lines are very relevant with one being “On the field I’m over reckless on my Odell Beckham” and this song came out a few days after Odell tried to fight the entire Panthers team and was suspended. It isn’t a song full of substance but it is one of the most fun diss tracks to listen to with Metro Boomin and Southside on the production.

Real Friends

By far the best song so far. Everything about this song is why Kanye is so successful. This song is the most introspective and emotional that Kanye has seemed since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The production all the way down to the vocals from Ty Dolla $ign make the listnerner feel exactly how Kanye wants you to feel. The personal stories (like his cousin stealing his laptop) make the whole thing seem relatable, unlike with FACTS.

No More Parties in LA

The long awaited collab between K West and K Dot is not all I expected it to be. Kendrick’s verse wasn’t the best he ever had and the best part of Kanye’s was that he seemed more relatable and able to do it for 80 bars. It wasn’t a bad song at all but my favorite part of it was what it means for the rest of the album if Kanye will build off this.