So I was watching the Celtics game the other day, saw Jae Crowder wearing 99 and thought that picking 99 is a crazy move. Now, a  few days later I’m looking up all the NBA rosters to see what numbers people wear and if they’re as crazy as 99.

1) Has to be relevant. Yes this is my opinion but I watch an unhealthy amount of basketball so if I don’t think he is, most of the world probably agrees. Also it isn’t that crazy for a random person to pick a random number.
2) I consider anything between 1-39 pretty normal and big men get 40-45 as well.

After some googling I’ve found players with strange numbers consist of Jae Crowder (99),  Patrick Patterson (54),  Harrison Barnes (40),  Willie Cauley Stein (00), Johnny O’Bryant (77) Zach Randolph (50) Tyler Hansbrough (50), Aaron Gordon (00), Drew Gooden (90), and Joffrey Lauvergne (77)

First 6 Out

Randolph and Psycho T wearing 50 -It makes sense that Psycho T wears a crazy number. He’s a legitimate crazy person. Zach Randolph seems like that big guy who does whatever he wants and picking 50 in the NBA qualifies as whatever you want so it isn’t that weird.

Harrison Barnes wearing 40 – Most athletic wing players seem to pick a number in the 20s. Harrison Barnes’ personality seems to be quiet and and regular so choosing 40 is an even weirder move for him but in the grand scheme of things 40 isn’t too weird of a number to move on.

Cauley-Stein and Aaron Gordon wearing 00 – Double Zero just strikes me as weird. I’m not sure if its only me who thinks that or not. Willie Cauley-Stein is a werido so I feel like I’m right. Even though, its not weird enough if two people pick it for it to make the cut.

Patrick Patterson wearing 54 – Literally every time I see this guy all I can think of is Patrick Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals. Their names are so freaking similar. 54 is not a basketball number at all. Its a number for a linebacker. So basically this guy is a linebacker for the Cardinals.


Johnny O’Bryant and Joffrey wearing 77 – I know, I know, I know. I just said that if two people pick the same number it isn’t weird enough to make it. I know both Johnny O’Bryant the third and Joffrey Lauvergne aren’t relevant players. What I have to say is I don’t care how many people pick it, 77 is a real fucking crazy pick for basketball. Also I know they aren’t relevant but how often can I say the sentence “Johnny O’Bryant and Joffrey both wear 77, in the NBA!!” That is an absurd sentence.

Drew Gooden wearing 90 – What a pick. 90? What was going on in his head when he choose 90? There’s no way anything was going on his head. That is such a bad choice. No one wants to be number 90. You know in middle school how they make the bad numbers sizes way too big? Well they don’t even bother to make 90 and Drew gooden chose it. I bet the Wizards hate him for it.

Jae Crowder wearing 99 – As you can tell there’s a trend here, the farther away from my set of standard numbers you pick, the better the chance you have of picking the craziest number. Well Jae got about as far as you can from it until they start allowing triple digit numbers.

Thinking about it more (about 30 seconds) picking a double digit number with the same digit might be a trend. Therefore, no matter how far 99 is from the standard or how crazy 77 is, the winner is obviously Drew Gooden and his dumb #90 if you couldn’t tell from the picture.