So this is the first Play-by-Play I’m doing and I’m totally winging it. I think I’m just gonna consistently update this blog with my thoughts (the relevant ones for the most part) about what’s going on in the game. I know this is like Twitter but I want to put as many of my thoughts into this as I can into this and not everyone wants to see that on Twitter. Let’s see how this goes.

Ish Smith makes this team so much better.

Kristaps/Melo could be awesome if they keep working on their chemistry.

Why is Jose in this game? Never mind (he just made a 3)

PORZINGIS!! That dunk was huge. He’s too skinny for that big of a dunk and it’s why he’s amazing. This is his team now.

Porzingis is a part of everything right now. Here comes a NY run.

Okafor can play defense?? Feed him!


Absolutely no defense is being played right now.

Okafor is so pure offensively.

I keep saying that everyone playing the 76ers will win easily so I really need a Knicks run to extend throughout the game.

There are so many player on the 76ers who shouldn’t be in the NBA its crazy.

Melo head fakes are the best in the league. I wouldn’t be surprised if he only did that move for a whole game.

Still waiting on the NY run.


7 and 7 from Porzingis in the 1st Quarter is what my draftkings team needs.

1st Quarter Ends.

Derrick Williams hair is something else.

TJ McConnell is the NBA version of Aaron Craft.

That’s why they aren’t NBA Players.

Derrick Williams has some potential to be a good all around player

TJ McConnell is definitely impressing me.

NY run! NY run!

Wait who’s ball

You gotta love when coaches get technicals but you can’t love Derek Fisher as a coach

Okafor with the handles!!

Only Melo and Kobe make/take that shot

Ish Smith is so fast

GODZINGIS STEAL! Momentum changer

A Jose Calderon tip in over Okafor would be amazing

That is a horrible air ball Robin

Carl Landry must hate being on this team

Calm down Robin Lopez, Calm down

Jose with the after burners


I thought he just took a floater from 3

3rd BLOCK!

What an oxymoron a 7’3 Latvian Star of NY basketball is

Is Okafor taking the ball up a normal thing?

16 Double doubles for KP

That Offesive Goaltending really taking away from Jahil

The quality of this game is declining real quick.

I’m ending this play by play while its a real game.