Always grinding, even on MLK Day. Bringing my nonexistent (for now, hopefully) readers the things they want. I’m thinking that I’ll do some Play-by-Play Blogs today which will consist of me just consistently updating blogs about singular game. I figured it would be like Twiiter but instead of annoying people who might follow me with 1,675,333 tweets, you can voluntarily read it. I just came up with this idea in the shower a few hours ago so I’ll see how it works out.

76ers @ Knicks

First game of MLK is an easy one to get into your day off. You don’t really have to pay much attention to it while you wake up and fight the hangover. Godzingis should have his share of great plays to watch while NY should come away with an easy win. I know that the 76ers just beat the Trailblazers easily but I expect Robin Lopez to play some better defense on Okafor, who is Philly’s only source of points. I’ll try to Play-by-Play this one if it isn’t too boring.

Trailblazers @ Wizards

Once the Knicks game is over, I’ll probably pick this game of the next 3 to watch. Not sure if I’ll do this one live but I could if it turns into a point guard showdown. John Wall is electric to watch when he gets hot and Lillard is always ready to shine against what he considers his competition. Both teams need wins to stay in the race for the playoffs as both sit at 10th in their conferences. The Blazers just lost embarrassingly to the 76ers so this game will be determined on how they react to that. I expect that if this game is close in the 4th quarter that there will be great plays by two of the top young PGs in the league. Wizards will win because they haven’t lost to Philly

Jazz @ Hornets

The Jazz are getting healthier while Charlotte is on the decline. They currently have the same record but Utah’s looks a lot better. They’re holding on to their 8th spot in the West by a couple games and will be better once Derrick Favors comes back. Expect Frank the Tank to be overwhelmed by Gobert while Kemba can’t do everything by himself as Utah wins this one somewhat easily.

Pelicans @ Grizzlies

The Pelicans are such a confusing team. They have Anthony Davis who can single handily win any game but are 13-26 due to a mix of injuries and bad rotation players. The Grizzlies are still the Grizzlies of every other year just not as consistent. It could really go either way but the Grizzlies have more to play for so expect this one to be a close one that Memphis pulls out at home.

Bulls @ Pistons

Watching the NBA MLK presentation as I type this and it showed some MJ highlights and remember with Chicago v. Detroit was just the best? I don’t because I wasn’t alive. But I have watched enough of those games and enough on it to know that I wish I did. The good thing is that this game isn’t as bad as in recent years as Detroit has become a pretty solid team around Andre Drummond. The Bulls seem like a mentally shaken team. Butler is playing amazing but everyone else was supposed to much more. Expect the Pistons to take advantage of the Noahless Bulls and snatch this one away.

Magic @ Hawks

I hate NBATV. Not that I would’ve watched this game but what if I did? Does anyone even have NBATV? Just put it on League Pass. Elfrid Peyton should be back in the starting lineup so the Magic now have a better chance to win this one as the hottest young team in the league with him but the Hawks are still the better team. Expect the Hawks to win this rather easily.

Nets @ Raptors

The Raptors are good this year. The Nets are not. They started this year with a backup PG starting (Jarret Jack) and now they have Shane Larkin. The Raptors have an All Star in Kyle Lowry. Expect this to not even be close.

Warriors @ Cavs

It’s not the first time these two teams play each other this season but they are always exciting and now the Cavs have Kyrie back. Steph made it even more interesting when he said that he hopes the locker room still smells like champagne. I get a feeling that the Cavs want to win this more than the Warriors do just to prove they can. So I’m gonna say expect the Cavs to have a hot start and hold off the Warriors as they fight back.

As I was typing that last sentence I know that it will come back to be a dumb thing to say.

Will almost definitely do the Play by Play for this one.

Celtics @ Mavs

Brad Stevens is such a good coach. He can always draw up an awesome play. Rick Carlisle is also a good coach with players of more caliber. This game will be close hard fought battle. The C’s are on a 3 game winning streak but the game is in Dallas. I expect the Celtic’s to win because I might be in love with Brad Stevens.

Rockets @ Clippers

This series in last years playoffs might still haunt Chris Paul in his sleep. It was everything that Chris Paul was trying to prove he’s not summed up in 7 games. And if I know him like I think I know him (from commercials) he hasn’t let this go and will do everything in his power to win this game. Expect this to be an emotional game that LAC pulls out at then end.