Who thinks “Hey lets make a Hip Hop Musical about one of the Founding Fathers” and then turns that thought into the new biggest thing on Broadway? Lin-Manuel Miranda . He had that idea and wrote a great musical. I listened to all 2.5 hours of this and it was essentially a movie. Alexander Hamilton is my new favorite Founding Father (I didn’t have one before this).

The first song “Alexander Hamilton” gives the gist of how the music throughout the whole play goes.  It uses the orchestral sound to recreate all types of hip hop genres to go behind incredibly well written lyrics that perfectly depict who Alexander Hamilton was. You learn he’s a scrappy, hardworking and arrogant kid who just wants to be remembered in history.

The best way to describe the lyrics is that I only listened to this musical and there was character development as if I were watching a TV show and each song is an episode. As I’m sure almost everyone knows, there are a lot of boring parts of history. To make it so the story made sense, those parts had to be included but here’s the catch, they weren’t boring. Political Debates turned into Rap Battles. Britain’s role was portrayed in 3 somewhat comical songs sung by the King. Since it was a musical, majority of the songs included choir sung parts and a lot of info was revealed during those.

You know how every good movie have those incredibly sad parts that make you feel way to many feels? Well this musical had that too. From “Burn” to “It’s Quiet Uptown” are some of the saddest songs I have ever heard when in context. They are during the time in Hamilton’s life where he is going through losing his wife/his son dying. It really shows the lyrical prowess because I was definitely close to tears.

There’s my take on the lyrics. The production is almost exactly what you would expect from a hip hop musical. Very full beats using classic orchestra instruments with a hip hop twist on it. It wasn’t the best/most cutting edge production I’ve ever heard but it is definitely very good. If you can get Rap to be selling out Broadway you’re doing something right. Side note- I was looking up the prices of tickets to this because I liked it that much and oh wow are they expensive. I looked for tickets on Saturday and sometime in May. Saturday had $900 as the cheapest and $200 was the cheapest in May.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who likes music. My dad hates hip hop and I told him to check it out. And if you really like it, you can thank me by taking me to the broadway show.

I’m gonna try to do a Purple Reign Review within a day or 2.