Raptors @  (Kinda) Magic

Well this game is on at 3pm on a Thursday, only aired on NBATV, and to top it off is being played in London. What is going on here? I really don’t know how they expect people to watch. I guess they didn’t really expect many people to watch a Raptors Magic game anyways. Even though the Magic are the best they’ve been since Dwight and currently at the 8th spot in the East and the Raptors are trying to create more room for themselves at 2nd place/catch up to the Cavs for 1st don’t expect much effort after a flight to London (holy run-on sentence).

I blame that fucking Norm guy on twitter for this game being in London. I don’t care if it’s the Magic’s thing that guy is something. I can’t tell if I like it or not.

Bulls @ Philly

Another Philly game, another expected loss. Currently sitting at 4-36 and dead last in the league, it looks like Ish Smith isn’t the Answer 2.0. Expect Chicago to get another win and more people to question if their record isn’t telling the right story since they’re winning against a borderline college team.

For real though, they have 7 player’s I could have been in high school with. Seven player is about half their team!

Detroit @ Memphis

Memphis isn’t playing as well as everyone expected them too, and everyone expected them to just stay the same which isn’t a good sign. With Matt Barnes out Jeff Green getting benched expect the Pistons to win a close one here.

This game shouldn’t be fun to watch unless you’re a big fan of rebounding.

Cavs @ Spurs

The best game tonight. Two of the top 4 teams squaring off. It wouldn’t be the biggest surprise if this was the Finals matchup. There hasn’t been a loss in San Antonio once this year and the last one was 10 months ago, granted it was against the Cavs. It should be a great game starting with LeBron vs. Kawhi. LeBron is visibly aging (ahem hairline) but he is still LeBron James and is really really good at basketball. Kawhi is a superstar now though, with his Finals MVP and Defensive POY he’ll be coming for Mr. James’s spot on top. Kyrie is back to having big games which is good for everyone since he has the most fun ball-handling to watch this side of Steph Curry. Expect the Spurs to win a close one here and improve to 22-0 at home.

I hope this game gives us some vintage Timmy moments because there is nothing better than vines of vintage Timmy.

Kings @ Jazz

Another game that won’t be a big deal. The Jazz are fighting to stay in the playoffs but play a boring style of basketball. With Derrick Favors still out expect the Kings to win this one with a big game Boogie.

Lakers @ Warriors

Will the Lakers give the Warriors their first losing streak?? Ha. Good one. The definition of a trap game if the Warriors didn’t just lose to the Nuggets. They definitely want to break the Bulls’ record but now they have reason to keep Draymond Green out without having to panic.

Watch this be the perfect definition of a trap game and they don’t even come close to the 17 point spread.