Warriors 110 @ Nuggets 112

If I told you that the Warriors had a 37 point 4th quarter you would think they won right? What if I added it was against the Nuggets? And Steph had 38 for the night. You would say the Warriors win that game exactly 1 Billion percent of the time because all sane humans would say that. Well that happened annnnd they lost by 2. Denver came out hotter dropping 32 in the 1st. Gallinari led the way with 28 points in the game. The Warriors did Warriors things when they scored 37 points in their comeback 4th quarter by causing a rainstorm of 3s in the Pepsi Center but it wasn’t enough this time.

This just further my points that Draymond Green is a borderline MVP candidate if he isn’t on Steph’s team. Look what happened when he was out. Against the Nuggets!

Mavericks 89 @ Thunder 108

An absolute put down by the Thunder to remind everyone that they should also be getting national attention. The game was a heated one (Westbrook was ejected before the first half was over) but the Thunder were ready. Remember the guy who won MVP his last healthy season and who almost always wins the Scoring Title? Well incase you didn’t, KD put up 29 and 10, without Westbrook showing he can still be the dominant force we remember. Even though both Dirk and Zaza Pachulia weren’t playing but the game was never in question. This leaves the Thunder in 3rd and the Dallas in 5th in the West.

There have been two teams that have been growing on me this year and OKC is one of them. KD’s newfound outgoing and IDGAF about the media attitude is something I can get behind and I feel bad that they don’t get talked about because Warriors. I also feel for them that every year something goes wrong that keep them from winning the title.

Pacers 94 @ Celtics 103

A big win for the Celtics after losing 4 in a row in a tight Eastern Conference. The gap between the 3rd and 9th (where the C’s currently are) is only 3 games, so every game is as important as a game in January can be. Indiana is currently sitting at 5th so this game mattered to them as well. The best thing the Celtics did in comparison to recent games was not only kept their 4th quarter lead but they grew upon it. Led by Thomas’s game high 28, Crowder’s stellar D on Paul George (holding him to 35% shooting) and solid play from Amir Johnson the Celtics are still in the running to steal a playoff spot without having a star who plays on the court since Brad Stevens is on the bench permanently.

Actually, Isaiah Thomas has been playing at an All Star level but he’s the same height as me so it’s hard to call him a star.

Jazz 85 @ Portland 99

This is starting to look like the battle for the Final Western Conference Playoff Spot. It was a normal Jazz game, slow and defense-happy, minus the 3rd quarter where the Blazers let loose for 32. The Jazz are still struggling with scoring, especially with Derrick Favors out, which can be seen by their 37 point 1st half. They will definitely need to fix that if they want to be noticed in the playoffs, since they would play the Warriors first.

Seriously though, 37 in a half is horribly bad offense. I was just talking about how the Warriors had a 37 point 4th quarter.  It’s kinda sad to not see Phoenix in the battle for the Final Western Conference Playoff Spot. I’ve gotten used to seeing them come so close each year. Here’s to hoping they have a playoff push come up short.

T-Wolves 104 @ Rockets 107

This game isn’t necessarily a Key Game but Minnesota is also growing on me this year (weird to say that about anything from Minnesota) so I’ll probably include a lot of their games and the Rockets need any win they can get as of now. Even if the game didn’t really matter in the playoff picture, it was still a good game to watch since it was close in the 4th quarter. James Harden (another player not getting enough credit) dropped 28 and 11, while Wiggins (28 pts), Towns (16 rebs) and Rubio (12 asts) led the game in those categories.  The Rockets stayed 2 wins ahead of the Jazz for 7th place in the West.

The Timberwolves are the other team that have been growing on me this year. The narrative with Flip passing and KG coming back are great stories. The amount of young talent on this team is also ridiculous, the last two number 1 picks (look at what they’re doing) and Ricky Rubio is only 25 still. Plus a bunch of young solid role players should make this a great team in a few years.  #GoWolves