We get Hard Knocks! We get Hard Knocks!

Is it sad that everyone jumped right to this conclusion after the recent hires of Rob Ryan and Ed Reed? Shouldn’t reactions be “This coach will put us over the top” or in our case “Oh he’ll make it so we can make the playoffs for the FIRST TIME IN THIS CENTURY” but that isn’t the case right now. That’s never the case with Rex, it’s always a circus with him. I thought leaving the Big Apple would make him less of a headline grabber but now he’s just a celebrity in small city.

After his first season being a major disappointment, especially in regards to defense which is his bread and butter, he goes out and hires his brother who was recently fired from the Saints DC job after being the worst in the league for 2 years in a row. Not only did he do that but he gave him what looks like a made up position of Assistant Head Coach/Defense. What does that even mean?!!? Why didn’t it go to our defensive coordinator?!?! The Saints gave up 49 points to freaking Eli Manning this past year under Rob and were giving him a job?

On to Ed Reed, he may actually be a good coach. He was an unbelievable player, incredibly smart on the field and he’s worked with Rex before. Apparently, he will help Thurman with the DBs while the Ryan brothers deal with the rest. If he can make Should’ve Been DROY Ronald Darby and Stephen Gilmore into mini-Ed Reeds then that’s incredible and he should definitely do that. The problem with this hire is the timing, it came so recent after the hiring of Rob Ryan that it looks like the organization is going for Hard Knocks instead of the playoffs.

I know I just ripped Rex (not Whaley because these were definitely Rex and I didn’t want to get to upset) apart for these moves but I do think he is a good coach, especially on defense where we are overflowing with potential. I mean yes, he is a circus and way too much of a player’s coach but he did get the Jets to the AFC Championship with Mark Sanchez so he knows what he is doing. Also, you never know when you have brothers working together, anything can happen. Especially brothers with Ryan blood in them. So onto next year with hopes of a Wildcard spot unless Tom Brady retires after his 5th Superbowl then the AFC East is ours!